Collection: LARGE 2-IN-1 SOAP BARS

Why 2-in-1?

We recommend cutting the large bar in half and using one at a time. This way, you will have TWO standard-size bars. It will help extend the bar's life even more and provide a more comfortable grip. 

Please remember that all-natural soaps need to be kept dry between uses to extend life length. 

Large 2-in-1 Soap Bar is our signature collection offering oversized bars approximately 4in x 2.5in x 1in and 6 oz. These bars are so much bigger than regular soap bars for a reason. SOAPHAUS is an environmentally conscious company that strives to minimize packaging, shipping, and waste. By making the soap bars larger, they last longer and require less frequent shipping and wrapping. 

SOAPHAUS offers only vegan, all-natural, and palm oil-free products.

Our Large soap bars are made with olive oil and enriched with shea butter, mango seed butter, avocado, and coconut oil. They are gentle on the skin, highly moisturizing, and soothing. The soaps are colored with natural clays and charcoal, which have additional benefits for the skin. The scents are made with essential oil blends designed by aromatherapy guidelines. To learn more, please visit the Essential Oil Blend Collection page. You will find there blends that were used to scent our soaps. 

For people with externally sensitive skin and allergies who need the most gentle products, we offer a White Soap without colorants or scents. 

Welcome! Please look around and discover the world of natural soaps created with a love for the planet and minimalistic design.